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Photos of cute bunnies: Our readers hop to it

June Tantillo

Trix are for bunnies!

Rabbits get a lot of love in literature: There's Peter Rabbit, the Velveteen Rabbit and the White Rabbit, to name a few. But what about those less famous bunnies, the ones that keep you company at home?

To give them their due time in the spotlight — and celebrate the coming Easter holiday — we asked for photos of your charming bunnies to share with others. And oh my, did your adorable photos come pouring in.

We have bunnies in baskets, shoe boxes, cardboard castles and more. Take a look at these little ones in the photos below:

Want a pet with spunk and character? Bunnies have it all!
Water rabbit: Heidi heals with hydrotherapy


In honor of the Easter holiday, we rounded up some photos of the floppiest and fluffiest bunnies we could find.