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Hopping into spring: Show us your pet bunnies!


Send us pictures of your pet bunnies, and they might be featured on TODAY.com!

As spring approaches, ushering in warmer weather and the Easter holiday, our thoughts turn to a creature particularly well-suited to the season: the bunny rabbit. With the coming thaw, we’ll be seeing a lot more of those baby cottontails bouncing around outside (and oh my, are they ever cute).

 But let’s not forget those pet bunnies you share your homes and lives with — the ones who’ve kept you company with their antics and, well, adorableness. In anticipation of Easter — the bunny’s biggest night in the spotlight — we want to see your pet rabbits in all their furry cuteness. We’ll be featuring our favorites in the coming week for all to admire.

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In honor of the Easter holiday, we rounded up some photos of the floppiest and fluffiest bunnies we could find.