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TODAY's Life Illustrated: Valentine's Day

Romance, chocolates and roses may be on your agenda for next week, but for some, Valentine’s Day means spending time with the ones you love the most.  Love is certainly in the air and we want to see how crazy in love that "madness" makes you feel.  Send us a photo of someone you love and tell us why!  It can be a brother, a mother, a friend or boyfriend, but we want to see the person that tickles your heart.  We may use your photo on Weekend TODAY!

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Warning: what you see below may cause happiness and giddiness.

Sinead Osuna

Kisses and sunshine

“Our kiss- Captured by our daughter, 5 at the time.” - Sinead Osuna

Ashburn, VA

Please take this baby's Mama on a hot date for Valentine's day!

"Seriously Dad, do what she says or we will both be in trouble!!!" - Margarita Bolivar

Kathleen Larkin

Falling in love in fall

"The beginning" - Kathleen Larkin

Jessica Watts

A soldier comes home

“This picture was taken by an Army photographer the day my boyfriend (who is now my husband) came home from Afghanistan.  It was the happiest day of my life, next to our wedding day.  He is my hero and I couldn't be more proud and honored to be his wife.” – Jessica Watts 

Joanne Tallent

Feet and hearts

“Valentine babies....” – Joanne Tallent

Heather Taylor

Love is in the air in NYC

“This was the first adventure my boyfriend and I went on together. We're from Seattle and took a day trip to NYC. This was his first trip to the East Coast.” – Heather Taylor 

Chelsea Damberg is a production assistant for the Weekend TODAY show.