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Isn't it bromantic? Willie and Al share a Valentine's smooch


Al and Willie took their relationship to a new level on Thursday.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and Chassie Post from Gilt stopped by to show Willie a number of gifts for sweethearts. Like Kisstixx, a his 'n' hers lip balm that creates a flavor combination when you make out with your sweetheart. Or, as the case may be, your dashing co-anchor.

To help test the efficacy of the lip balm's "Peaches and Cream" flavor, Al gamely stepped up to the plate and planted one on Willie. Meanwhile, Natalie urged the producers to go to commercial.

"Can we agree this is not a Bar Refaeli situation?" Willie said, referring to the Israeli supermodel who makes out with nerdy Jesse Heiman in a now infamous Super Bowl commercial for Go Daddy.

Off-camera, TODAY.com caught up with Al for some post-smooch commentary. "It was like nothing I've ever felt before... and hopefully will never again," Al said. "Our wives collectively think we have some 'splainin to do."

"Neither peaches nor cream ever will taste the same again," Willie told us. "I got a great phone call from my wife after the show. Here's a partial transcript: Me: 'Hey.' Her: 'Did you make out with Al on the show this morning?' Me: 'Yeah, kind of.' Her: 'Oh, ok.'"

Later on the air, when a bouquet of flowers arrived for Natalie, Al intercepted them and gallantly handed him to Willie, who affectionately called him "Peaches."

Who says bromance is dead?

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who has a great new wallpaper for her computer.

TODAY's Willie Geist and Al Roker just can't refuse trying out a lip balm that creates a flavor combination when you kiss.

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