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Lucky 13? First look at Times Square New Year's lights

With 13 days left until 2013, it’s time to break out the four-leaf clovers, rabbits' feet and horseshoes. And if you’re in New York, considering donating those lucky charms to the “13” that will soon hang over Times Square.

The seven-foot numbers “1” and “3,” illuminated by 200 LED bulbs, paid a visit to the TODAY plaza Wednesday before being taken to the Times Square Museum & Visitor Center. Guests there are being encouraged to drop off good-luck charms to help ward off any bad fortune that may follow the “13,” considered an unlucky number by the superstitious.

Museum visitors will get to look at the numbers up close until Dec. 26, when the “13” will be hoisted 400 feet above Times Square, joining the "20" to ring in the new year. 

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