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The funniest TODAY moment of 2012 is...

Updated Dec. 14 at 8:30 a.m. ET: Drum roll, please! 

Viewers chose Matt and Al Greco-Roman wrestling as the funniest TODAY moment of 2012, with more than 32 percent of the vote. 

Ranking second was a sick Al cuddling germaphobe Matt, with Bobby Flay teaching Savannah how to cook coming in third. 

Watch all of TODAY's funniest moments in the 2012 Yearender

Original post: Did you chuckle when Matt surfed the streets? Or howl when Natalie and Willie held a hot dog-eating contest?

TODAY wants to know what made you LOL the most in 2012. We've narrowed down more than 60,000 minutes to 10 classic clips. 

Vote below. The winner will be announced Friday before the annual Year-Ender, a TODAY tradition that looks back at the year that was. 

Tweet us your favorite TODAY moment during the past year using the hashtag #TODAYFun. Our anchors will chat about some of your suggestions on the show.

Sick Al gets (too) close to germophobe Matt 

Has Hoda ever had a one-night stand? No! (Well...) 

Hot dog! Willie and Natalie vie in (ch)eating contest 

TODAY heeds the call of ‘Call Me Maybe’

Anchors tease Savannah on her young 'Dreams'

Al, Matt swept off feet by Greco-Roman wrestling 

'Are those bones?' Bobby Flay teaches Savannah to cook 

Hang 10! Matt Lauer ‘surfs’ the streets of NYC 

Jeff Rossen investigates Willie’s tush tap of Matt 

Ouch! Watch Natalie take a tumble to floor 

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