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Best candy to hand out on Halloween? The Internet has spoken!


Ahhh, good ol' candy corn: Love it or hate it, the iconic Halloween treat is the most-searched-for sweet on Google.

In the realm of trick-or-treating, apples are lame and Necco Wafers are even lamer. (What are those things, anyway — sugared cardboard?)

So what should you hand out to trick-or-treaters to assure your house doesn't land on the egging list? We've consulted the Internet and some candy stores in order to help you hand out the treats children want.

Based on sheer volume of Facebook likes, Skittles are the most popular candy, with 23.55 million people giving it the thumbs up. Starburst (11.5 million likes), Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (10 million likes), Kit Kat (9.4 million likes), and Twix (5.16 million likes) round out the top five most drooled-over treats on Facebook.

Google searches also shed light on people’s sugary cravings and curiosities. Candy corn, Gummy Bears and Snickers are the top three most-searched-for sweets overall. Interestingly, trick-or-treaters in Colorado might enjoy their Halloween hauls more because residents there really research their candy — the state boasts the highest number of Google searches for Halloween treats.

Californians should be prepared to bring home lots of organic candy because that state ranks highest in Google searches for such healthy treats. And kids in Washington should brace themselves: their state has the highest number of Google searches for sugar-free candy.


Internet searches and Facebook likes indicate what sorts of treats are on people's minds this Halloween season.

Kristi Holmes, owner of The Confectionery in Seattle, said she doesn't think the Google search results accurately depict what Washingtonians want: “We do have sugar-free [candy], but it is more people who are diabetic and who are eating sugar-free [and low-carb diets] who buy it.”

Holmes noted that candy corn remains one of the most popular seasonal items at her store. “Our store sells almost 600 pounds [of candy corn] in two months,” she said.

Meanwhile, chocolate-loving Ohio residents search for candy bars more often than people in other states, while Wisconsin residents tend to search for gummy worms and North Carolina residents love researching jelly beans — a year-round favorite across the country thanks to gourmet options.

“We've had a ton of people come in for the Jelly Belly [candies],” said Hailey Buehler, an employee at Blickenstaff's toy and candy store in Provo, Utah. “The orange has been quite popular and other fall colors, as well.”

Want another reliable way to predict treat trends? Consider the weather. The worst U.S. drought in more than 50 years has caused the price of corn oil and high fructose corn syrup to spike this year, increasing candy costs by about 3 percent from last year — so it should be no surprise if the kids’ Halloween plunder looks smaller on Oct. 31. And forget about handing out apples or enjoying a glass of apple cider; apple prices have increased between 20 and 30 percent over last year.

Here are the full lists of popular candies on the Internet this year:

Facebook results for candy
Here are the top 10 most-liked treats on Facebook:

1. Skittles, 23.55 million likes

2. Starburst, 11.5 million likes

3. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, 10 million likes

4. Kit Kat, 9.4 million likes

5. Twix, 5.16 million likes

6. Snickers, 4.8 million likes

7. M&M'S, 4 million likes

8. Sour Patch Kids, 3.89 million likes

9. Life Savers Gummies, 3.28 million likes

10. Hershey’s Kisses, 1.97 million likes

Google results for candy
The top 10 hottest candy searches on the Google search engine are:

1. Candy corn

2. Gummy Bears

3. Snickers

4. M&M’S

5. Reese's

6. Milky Way

7. Twix

8. Lollipop

9. Twizzler

10. Peanut M&M'S

What's your all-time favorite Halloween candy? Tell us in the comments!


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