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Secret Service ready 'fur' action at Easter Egg Roll

by Alex Smith

The life of a United States Secret Service agent can be filled with unforgettable experiences. Perhaps you’ll be assigned to safeguarding the first family, or protecting domestic computer systems from hackers. You may be put in harm’s way in the name of your country. Or maybe you’ll have to squeeze yourself into a giant bunny costume.

That’s right: For the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll, many of our nation’s most elite agents don the fur in order to maintain a discreet phalanx of security. Sure, they may look cuddly, but make any false moves and you should probably expect a six-foot rabbit to hop down on you with military stealth and efficiency.

Schenz Theatrical Supply, profiled in the video blow, is the business that provides the White House with the appropriate gear. 

A theater supply company supplies Easter costumes for the White House Easter egg hunt.


Senior Editor Alex Smith is actively afraid of all adults dressed as bunnies, let alone ones that might be packin' heat.